Speaking Words, Breaking Stereotypes

Here at Cutting East, one of the goals we have is to give young people a voice. As you may know, Cutting East is made up of 15 young people who saw an opportunity to give something back to the community, and took it.

Cutting East have teamed up with The Mile End Community Project (MCP) and two amazing poets, Raymond Antrobus and Bridget Minamore to bring you guys a spoken words workshop that faces the issue in hand- Stereotypes.

The first half of the workshop will be co-ordinated by Nurull and Assan from MCP, an organisation that they set up as teenagers when they realised that there really was not a platform where young people could express themselves and really make the most out of the limited opportunities they were given. They will share with you some of their award winning short films that they have made with young people from around the area.

Mile End Community Project On Stereotypes

In the next part of this workshop our two poets, RAYMOND ANTROBUS and BRIDGET MINAMORE will take over and work with you to give you the chance to express yourself through spoken words. A lot of people underestimate the power of spoken words and poetry, but from personal experience I have seen how much confidence it can give a person. Raymond and Bridget will help you find your inner poet, and you might even come out of the workshop realising that spoken words is more than just people talking out loud, it’s a tool you can use in the future to motivate and inspire.

The issue of Stereotypes being the subject, you will be able to showcase your views and experiences of being stereotyped in form of poems. At the end of the session, you will be encouraged to perform your poems back to the group. You will also have a chance to perform them in front of a bigger crowd later on in the spoken words open mic event (Although, it’s comepltely up to you!).

This is a FREE workshop for anyone aged 12-21  and it is open to anyone no matter your gender or background. All you need is a desire share turn the negativity that stems from being stereotyped in whatever form you may have faced it- and turn it into something good. If you are interested, feel free to contact us through:

Twitter @CuttingEast

Facebook- Cutting East

or contact me directly- (‘Speaking words, Breaking Stereotypes’ as the subject)

You will also be able to come by on the day, but if you do- Please make sure you are at the Genesis by 3:30pm so that we have time to organise the group 🙂

The event will start at 4PM and will last 2 and a half ours on Saturday the 29th of June in the lounge area of the Genesis cinema. There will be a limited amount of places in this workshop but for anyone who does not get a chance to take part in the workshop, there will be an open mic spoken words event that will be open to anyone.

Hope to see you guys soon 🙂



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