Six months later…

Six month ago, the first ever Cutting East Film Festival was up and running. And six month later I’m looking back at the amazing experience that I had.

When the original plans to have a film festival that looked at issues that talked to young East Londoners in relation to identity, culture, political and racial issues, I can admit that I thought that I was out of my depth.

I worked on the programming team and curated the Short films programme ‘Cutting it Short’. My aim was to give young talented filmmakers around London a platform to show their work. It was a learning curve for me, but with the support from the Queen Mary staff, Tower Hamlets Council and the East End Film Festival, it was something that I was able to pick up and develop my skills in. With the help of the 15 young people we eventually recruited, we all worked together to create and expand on ideas of how to make the festival a success.

I feel that the festival taught me a lot of things. As a group we all explored ideas and different point of views, I managed to get a better understanding of the film industry, and overall, I was able to say that I helped curate a film festival.

I am so happy that Cutting East will be coming back next year and I really can’t wait to get to work with the new team, and hopefully, we can achieve greater things in 2014.


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