Power in Partnership

Cutting East prides itself in working with neighbouring organisations and building relationships with numerous other youth clubs, which similarly work in providing, both, a voice and a platform to youth and young adults within the local area.

Though this is done in various ways, an integral and largely successful way has been via our short film competition; held annually and established to provide a platform for visual conceptions to be shared by people, including those of the youth clubs and organisations we work with. Such was the case last year were the eventual winner of the competition was a visual project produced by Redcoat Girls Youth Club, entitled iConfused. Speaking on the importance of the competition within the festival, a participant from the winners stated, “it gives young people like us a chance to get recognition and enter good competitions. Even though we were quite nervous ourselves, our topic was important to us so it didn’t feel that bad after”.

Redcoat Girls Youth Club set an example in being an organisation that supports and promotes, and the recognition through winning the competition was one that was deserving. One member said of the win, “it was honestly great and something I’m proud of, and a lot of employers were impressed when they read our CV”. A success story like this one is a pivotal reason why the competition plays such an essential role within the festival, whilst also aspiring to ensure that what comes after for those who take part is far greater. Another participant for Redcoat Girls Youth Club highlighted her delight in being able to use the earnings from the competition to take part in more media-related activities – “we want to do a photography project so we want to spend (cash prize) it on a good camera, as we have plans for other activities in media”.

As a multi-arts festival it is our desire to not only showcase film, but to also showcase art, animation and dance amongst other mediums. It would be our honour to work with the girls from Redcoat Youth Club again and to showcase their photography within an exhibition at this year’s festival, once they have completed it.