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Need a place for creative and artistic release? Then Cutting East is for you! Situated in the heart of East London where the urban vibe screams the loudest, Cutting East can provide you with the perfect backdrop to hone in on the genius that is YOUR innovative mind.

We are always searching for the next Programmers, Film Makers, Musicians, Artists, Organisers, Performers, DJ’s and quite frankly, anyone who can get creative and have fun! The opportunities at Cutting East are endless. The Festival continuously allow you to discover sectors of the creative industry you may not have chance of experiencing, all whilst preparing for the annual three day multimedia Cutting East Film Festival.

There are 3 Ways to get involved


Wanna know what it’s like to take part in a live radio show? We can arrange that. Want do a flash mob in a middle of 500 seated film screening- than why not? The only thing stopping you is your imagination. If you would like to get involved by being part of the programming team and volunteering as part of the events team at the festival then please get in touch via the contact page


Submissions are currently open for short films in Any Genre. We are looking for films made in East London by young People. Films can be from individuals, groups or schools. Submitted films will be watched and selected by the CE Programming team. For Full submission details and forms click here


Cutting East is a multi-arts festival and showcases work by artists in a variety of media. If you have a band, are a poet, want to try out your new comedy routine or a budding street artist, get in touch and let us know via the contact page or though facebook and twitter.

Cutting East is where you need to be. We can lay the foundations for your entrance in the creative industry, and if you already have the foundations great we can propel you further.

Join Cutting East and show us what you’ve got!

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