Cutting East Film Festival is a youth led programme exploring current issues in East London such as stereotypes and identity. Encouraging youth messages to be heard by everyone, and inviting people from different backgrounds to come together, Cutting East shows that as a community we can celebrate youth achievement, watch film and have a great time.

Programmed by the Cutting East steering group, a small team of young people who all live and study in East London, we aim to bring together a range of movies, performance art, slam poetry workshops, live music and community events. We hope this festival might inspire youth to do something more with their talents, ideas and goals. Different perspectives are brought together to reflect our lives, what we love and what changes we can make to society.

Cutting East is a chance for aspiring film makers and fans to look into film and learn more, to become motivated about films and the film industry and have fun.  The festival brings together interests and hobbies around film to share, explore, celebrate and debate.


Special Screening: It’s A Lot  

Femi Oyeniran & Darwood Grace | 2013 | UK | Duration TBC

7:00 pm | Friday 28 June 2013

Kicking off the festival is a Special Screening of It’s a Lot. A British high school comedy set in Post-riot Tottenham, it tells the story of a black middle class college student who struggles to accept his family’s wealth and longs for street cred. He ditches his stuffy expensive private school to keep it real with his cousins at the local college. IT’S A LOT also features some of the biggest names from the UK urban music and entertainment scene.

PLUS Actor/Director Femi Oyeniran (Moony in Kidulthood and Adulthood), Co-director Darwood Grace and screenwriter Nicholas Walker will join us for a Q&A after the screening.


LONDON PREMIERE: Girl Walk //All Day

Jacob Krupnick | 2012 | USA | 75 mins

7:00pm, Sunday 30 June 2013

Girl Walk // All Day is an original feature length dance music film directed by Jacob Krupnick, shot in the streets and public spaces of New York City. It is a completely engaging experience set to thesoundtrack, All Day, the 2010 album by the mash-up DJ Girl Talk and follows 3 improvisational dancers and dance crews who dance their way across Manhattan.

Cutting East brings this special screening together with live performances through-out the screening featuring local dance crew IMD, recent finalists in Sky’s Got to Dance, transforming the Genesis into one big dance floor.  Don’t forget your leg warmers – FAME ANYONE!


Festival Premiere: Riots Reframed 

Fahim Alam | 2012 | UK

Saturday 29 June 2013

Riots Reframed gives an insightful look into a generation that speaks for the first time about the London riots that challenges the mainstream media, the government and the police with uncensored views and attitudes. A debut by Fahim Alam, the man who was in the front, right, center of the riots, aims to give people the alternative view and a voice. Fahim Alam will take part in a panel discussion after the screening to discuss events and themes brought up in the film.

Photo credit: Hilari Et

This screening will be followed by…


One Mile Away

Penny Woolock | 2012 | UK | 91 min |

Saturday 29 June 2013

Penny Woolcock returns to Birmingham to document the truce between the Johnson Crew and the Burger Bar Boys over a twenty-year postcode turf war. One Mile Away is a painstaking account of reconciliation, and the rebuilding of a community disrupted by violence which was, in part, enabled by the riots. This is a brutal but ultimately positive film of bringing peace to a neighborhood. Following the screening, ex-gang members form the Burger Bar Boys and Johnson’s Crew will be joining us for a Q&A.

Photo credit: Alex Piatti


Stereotypes: Slam Poetry Event + Film Screenings & Slam poetry Workshop

Saturday 29 June 2013

In collaboration with Mile End Community Project, we are creating a whole event discussing stereotypes; how young people are perceived and how we all use stereotyping. We will be working with spoken word artists in a poetry workshop, empowering young people through the expression of both words and poetry followed by a film screening featuring award winning work by local young people through the Mile End Community Project.  Headlined by a slam poetry event which will be open for submissions on the topic of Stereotypes. Relating to the media, stereotyping becomes a rich stimulus exploring our own and other people’s conceptions of identity.


Every Good Marriage Begins With Tears

Simon Chambers | 2006 | UK | 62 mins

Sunday 30 June 2013

Not your usual portrayal of young Muslim women in the media, this documentary is about two FEISTY Bangladeshi sisters who agree to having arranged marriages to men they barely know in order to uphold their family honor. This funny poignant film gives an insight into the effect both positive and negative an arranged marriage has on a family and on the community. Director Simon Chambers will be joining us at the screening.


Live Street Art Workshop

Sunday 30th  June 2013

The East End is a hotspot for Street Art Activity and can be seen as an artistic centre for showcasing street art and artists. We want to involve graffiti artists in our festival through a live art session where we will be looking at the processes of creating a piece of work and giving people an opportunity to take part in creating `street art’.


Tunde’s Film

Maggie Pinhorn | 1973 |  UK | 41 mins

Sunday 30 June 2013

“When you talk to your parents or grandparents about life in East London in the 70s, do they replicate those of Tunde Ikoli and his friends?” It tells the story of how they feel trapped by circumstance and lack of opportunity, so decide the only way out is to rob a bank. Tunde’s Film gives a unique look at East London through the eyes of an 18 year old boy in a time where hardship and struggle was a very common thing. Sound familiar? Shot in 1973 on the streets of Tower Hamlets, when you watch Tunde’s Film, it really makes you think- has anything really changed? Amazing film, cool music and groovy dancing.


5 Broken Cameras

Emad Burnat | 2012 | Palestine | Israel | 94 min

Sunday 30 June 2013

5 Broken Cameras is an Oscar nominated documentary filmed by a Palestinian farmer, Emad Burnatt.  Through a series of broken cameras, this film shows the struggle, the conflict and fear that the Palestinians face on a daily basis yet they still go from strength to strength to fight for their rights and protect their land. This touching documentary unfolds the conflict of the West Bank and it shows what the mass media ignore. See it through their eyes.


The Breakfast Club

John Hughes | 1985 | USA | 97 min

Saturday 29 June 2013

Okay class its Saturday morning detention!

Five high school students, all different stereotypes, meet in detention, where they pour their hearts out to each other, and discover how they have a lot more in common than they thought. One of John Hughes’s best films deals with stereotypes in a clever and funny way. Whether you’re a brain, a basket Case, an Athlete, a princess or a criminal, if you’ve not seen it before, The Breakfast club is a must watch film for everyone.

Served with tea and toast!



Plus many more films and events including a screening of Mulberry Girls School award winning Justice in Action, Short films, an evening of new bands and DJ’s, an exhibition of vintage Bollywood posters celebrating a century of Indian cinema, a poetry slam and some very special guests.

Also watch out for The Cutting East pop up cinema at Roman Road Market 8th June, Chrisp Street Market 15th June and Spitalfeilds Market 22nd June, where you will be able to pick up a programme, sign up to workshops, watch some films and chat to the programmers.

For full information, including screening times, on all events screenings and workshops please go to

All events at the festival will be taking place at the Genesis cinema, Mile End Road. All tickets can be booked direct through the Genesis at, or by calling on 020 7780 2000 or in person.

Tickets for Cutting East go on Sale June 6th 2013 .All tickets for Cutting East screenings are £3.50

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