Hidden Heroes…Takes the Cutting East MMBF Rising Star Award in partnership with the East End Film Festival.



Heroic effort rewarded…

An animated film created by members of LBTH ‘A Team Arts- House of Talent’ won first prize of £250 from the Matthew Martino Benevolent Fund Rising Star Award in partnership with the East End Film Festival at the closing night award ceremony of the Cutting East Film Festival’s ‘Cutting it Short’ Film Award.

The 5 min stop motion film “Hidden Heroes” sweep the award for Best Short 2015. The short honours the bravery of and sacrifices made by WWI soldiers from the Indian sub-continent on behalf of the British War effort from 1914-18.

The film-makers were all aged from 13-19, and based in Tower Hamlets. Worked over a 6 weeks to research, create the sets and models, and operate the cameras in order to tell the poignant tale of how letters between sepoy soldiers and their loved ones made the perilous journey from India to the western front and back.

Cutting it Short had a great selection of shorts films submitted this year, a massive thank you to everyone you helped contributed to a great programme.

We hope to get some of the shorts films online soon…So watch this space!