8 March, 2023

Cutting East Shorts

Futureproof | 05:34
This film is a poetic documentary about the rapid gentrification going on in Woolwich. We see this through the eyes of Derek, a local market seller, who shares nostalgic and heart-warming stories while also being blunt with the negative impacts the change has on the community, bringing about uplifting and inspiring emotions. This is accompanied by pieces spoken word and a score created by the local directors of the film.

Choose Courage: Paint and Power | 02:25
An experimental film that looks at the Bethnal Green mural and the local area. It explores themes of community, colonialism, gentrification and the power of art.

Day Ja Vu | 05:31
A film focusing on the aspects of a student living through covid at a university campus

Scribbled Line | 12:27
A school project unveils one of many forgotten tragedies of the 1947 Partition, at the hands of rash British policy making, a careless divide, a scribbled line.

In Too Deep | 05:39
It’s survival of the fittest for first-time sleep-away camper Lucy, who is willing to do anything it takes to prove she belongs and find her home away from home. 


Free | Booking Required
Some films contain content and themes that are appropriate for age group of 15 and over.


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