Now in its thirteenth year, East End Film Festival comes of age with a celebration of teen-focused world cinema including;


Here & Now



The Genesis Cinema

Lisle Turner| 2014| UK| 82 mins

Tuesday, 17th June 2014- 20:45

Inner-city girl Grace initially resists  trip to the country with her parents, leaving East Ham for a rural idyll in a bid to save the failing marriage, Grace resolves to tough it out when she meets country boy Say, her tough and spikey exterior slowly begins to crumble. Spending their day together in this peaceful, quiet retreat, they egin to let go of their respective hang-ups, and come to understand one another in a way that goes way beyond a holiday romance. A touching portrait of summer love.

Followed by  Q&A With director Lilse Turner, Producer Martin Klich, and actors Andy Rush and Lauren Johns. 

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Club Sandwich (Club Sándwich)



Rich Mix

Fernando Eimbcke| 2013| Mexico| 82 mins

Monday, 23rd of June 2014- 18:00

Celebrted Mexican new wave director, Eimbcke returns with another awkward comedy of manners. 15 year-old Héctor discovers love and sex whilst on holiday with his mother. Together they lounge by the pool until the 16 year-old Jazmine arrives, and the two teenagers gravitate towards one another. A lovely, believable drama of shifting sands, and coming of age.

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Leave To Remain


The Genesis Cinema

Bruce Goodison| 2013| UK| 89 mins

Thursday, 19th of June 2014- 18:30

An Afghan boy arrives at a refugee home setting off a chain of unforseen events in this powerful film by lauded television director Goodison who worked with unprofessional actors to create unforgettable characters. With an original sound track from Mercury-winners Alt-J, this is a timely cinematic take on the experience of many refugees in the UK, falling emotively between documentary realism and heightened drama.

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Metalhead (Málmhaus)



Rich Mix

Ragnar Bragason| 2014| Iceland| 97 mins

Sunday, 15th of June- 18:30

Born just as Black Sabbath were giving birth to heavy metal, Hera leads a happy childhood until her brother is killed in a farming accident. Blaming herself, she takes on his love for metal, yearning for escape and a life playing music. Her existence seems pused until an unexpected group of fans arrive with one of her tapes, and everything begins to change. A charming, funny tale of cows, snowy mountains and hard rock.

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We Are Mari Pepa (Somos Mari Pepa)



Rich Mix

Samuel Kishi| 2013| Mexico| 100 mins

Wednesday, 18th of June 2014- 21:00

Alex, a Guadalajara teen, dreams of finding  girlfriend, and winning the upcoming “Battle of the Band” with his band Mari Pepa. The only problem? You need two songs, and they only have one. The band’s ttempt to come up with a second track becomes a vehicle for their collective angst, as their lives begin to shift over one summer.

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Rhymes For Young Ghouls



Rich Mix

Jeff Barnaby| 2013| Canada| 88 mins

Friday, 20th of June 2014- 18:15

On a native American reserve in 1976, a 15 year-old girl is coping with the violent death of her mother and brother. As she prepares to welcome her father home from prison things begins to become dangerous thanks to esculating harassment from a local law enforcement agent. Mixing film noir, teen caper, supernatural fable, and a refreshingly tough female protagonist, this is a hard-hitting debut.

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Welcome to Booth.

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