Cutting It Short: Final Running Order


After a very energetic and fun picking process, a final cut has been made! And we are very pleased to announce the order in which these outstanding short films will be shown!


Sunset Rose

A flirtatious rapport descends into a dark and dangerous game in a high tension tale of murder and deception, set in 1940s San Francisco.


Winter: 1st Movt in F Minor

The video is the 1st movement in a body of work by Eden. It is autobiographical of her life growing up from a child to the musician she is today. Both cinematic and audio-visual, the song will slide you into her shoes.


A Matter of Time

A man finds a key with magical powers, it freezes time leaving him free to move around as he pleases. After a morning of mischief, it’s not long before he realises this isn’t quite as fun as he had anticipated.


Our Hamlets

A short film produced by young people living in Tower Hamlets, exploring Tower Hamlets and how generally young people feel about living there.


Just Another Saturday

No one would have believed that in the last weeks of 2015 the Phoenix Heights Saturday `Club was being watched keenly and closely by a creature from another dimension.


Be Proud

This short film attempts to capture the essence of what today’s young people from a British Bangladeshi community feel about the growing stereotypes of being a young Muslim.


East Side Story

This music video was created by students at Young and Talented. It tells the story of the gangs that form in rival schools in London. The aim is to encourage young people not to get involved in negative gang culture.



A man wakes up alone in his house surrounded by overturned furniture, broken glass and blood. He moves from room to room trying to make sense of the scene. Gradually he unlocks the secret to the night before in a shocking revelation.



A creative short film articulating the struggle of an ex offender growing up in east London. The challenges identified and the change is truly inspirational!



Every day, Geoff – the Sandyman –  heads to his strip of beach. He spends hours crafting a design in the sand, only for it to be washed away once the tide comes in. But he is not saddened by the tide. The water merely resets the canvas for another day.



This short film takes an exploratory look at the phenomenon of PFC (Perfect fired Chicken) and uncovers some of the underlying reasons behind the ‘big deal’