Cuban Fury

Last week was our third session with our new recruits and we are all slowly but surely bonding and getting the ball rolling on this years festival. We have already discussed some great themes that we would like to explore at this years festival as well as arranging our joint event with the Pan Asian Film Festival in early March. They will be screening Honor and we will be hosting the Q & A

Luckily we do get a chance to put our feet up and take a break from festival programming and university/college work. Last week courtesy of Film London we got to see a special screening of the British film Cuban Fury, so on Tuesday Jonathan, Alex and myself went down to Genesis cinema. It was great to be back seeing some familiar faces and not having to work after having our festival there during summer. We got to bring along Alex (picture left) who was a former young programmer from last year who has continued to help out and work with us at Cutting East for our second run.

Cuban Fury was a great light hearted film with lots of funny moments, especially the ones with Kayvan Novak. A few of us were lucky enough to see him in action in person during summer while we worked on the set of a short film he was staring in called Mohammed. who is local to the area and a very busy man as we got to see him in

The film was released on Friday 14th and is available across all cinemasĀ 1899169_10152286512203453_712128775_n

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