This year is the second ever Cutting East Film Festival! Our festival is curated by a team of dedicated young East Londoners with the aims of celebrating the talent that the capital’s young people have to offer! This year we have programmed a diverse range of film screenings and events that are sure to appeal to young people from all over, featuring;



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Electro Chaabi

Hind Meddeb| 2013| Egypt/France| 77mins | 15 | Arabic with English Subtitles


In the depth of the Cultural Revolution that swept over Egypt, a musical movement emerged from the slums of Cairo, censored by the mainstream media an electrifying version of Arab hip-hop emerged from the dust. ElectroChaabi embodies the thoughts and feelings of the people that went through struggles in recent years in Egypt. A mix between classic Arabic sounds, fast electronic beats with MCs. With lyrics that have a message for positive change in the society they live in, rapping about youth culture and the struggles of everyday life, it is clear to see that no matter how different we are, we can all turn to music to make a difference. Director Hind Meddeb introduces us to acts such as Sadat, Oka & Ortega and Chipsy who are all popular musicians of the genre, we are taken into their lives and find out their reasons for being part of the musical movement that is Electro Chaabi.

We will be hosting a Q&A discussion with Director, Hind Meddeb.

This screening will be followed by Cutting Beats shocasing new east London Based Band Daisychain Galaxy and Speacial guests

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Cutting East Opening Night is being supported by Film Hub London, managed by Film London and a proud partner of the BFI Film Audience Network, funded by the National Lottery.


City's Edge

NEIGHBOURHOODS: From Mumbai to Mile End

Uk & India| 90mins


What does neighbourhood mean to you? Join in this lively discussion to watch a selection of short documentary films made by young people about hoods in Mumbai and East London exploring how generations take root in, and young people make use of, their environment in these two very different but vibrant cities. The films feature rag-picking, breakdance, ghettoization, struggle, enjoying a day in the hood and what home means.

The screening will be followed by a discussion of the themes raised by the films, exploring what we might learn about the similarities and differences of life in Mumbai and Mile End and how the use of technology is creating an insight into the many lives in the hoods.

This screening and discussion is a collaboration between Mile End Community Project, Tata Institute of Social Sciences (Mumbai) and Queen Mary, University of London.


Miss Match 1

Miss Match

Canan Salih| UK | 2014 | 90mins | Cert: U 


Starring young people from A Team Arts, House of Talent in Tower Hamlets, this bang up to date adaptation of Jane Austen’s Emma intertwines music and dance with colourful, energetic Bollywood overtones to tell its tale of a young women who can’t resist playing cupid. Miss Match follows a young girl named Tanya, who, despite her own love life being less than perfect, starts to intervene with the lives of the people around her. Featuring dance sequences from IMD and EMBRACE. Arrive early to experience a live Bollywood dance performance!

+ Q&A with the Director and Cast


07 (1)

Om Shanti Om- With Intermission

Farah Khan| India | 2007|162mins| Cert: 12a


Introduced by Doctor Amitabh Rai- Senior lecture at QMUL and author of Untimely Bollywood: Globalization and India’s New Media Assemblage.

Om Shanti Om a classic Bollywood story – full of love, lust, revenge and fame! In the 1970s, Om (Shah Rukh Khan) an aspiring actor, is murdered, 30 years later Om is reincarnated troubled by visions of his former life, He attempts to discover the mystery of his demise and find Shanti (Deepika Padukone) the love of his previous life. Vowing to bring justice Om uncovers more dark secrets which will once again endanger his own life and the lives of his loved ones.

Om Shanti Om, gives a unique spin on the theme of ‘A tale of two cities’ which conjoins with the motif of the Cutting East Film Festival. It is a film which celebrates life, family and love as well as highlighting the dark underbelly society. This is fused together with vibrant music for all to enjoy, and learn about the sanctity of life. An absolute Bollywood classic and a must see for any film lover!

Followed by music and a Bollywood karaoke challenge.


SCREENTEST: National Student Film Festival’s BEST OF 2014

UK | 70mins| Cert: 15


We are delighted to have our Cutting East Friends, Screentest – The National Student Film Festival, at our festival this year. Screentest have been very supportive of our early years as a festival and we are very pleased to showcase a collection of their best shorts in our programme. This collection explores the festival theme ‘A Tale of Two Cities’ telling stories of different worlds.



Short Paint the way



For the first time Cutting East ran an open submission with an overwhelming response. Join us in what promises to be a blockbuster of a segment in this festival, to support our future filmmakers.

With the generous support of Northern Trust we are proud to present the inaugural Cutting East Best Short Film Award. All films screened in this section are eligible for the prize which will be awarded on the evening by our jury.

1st Prize: £450 worth of media equipment vouchers

2nd Prize: £150 worth media equipment vouchers

3rd Prize: £75 voucher




Joe Johnston| USA | 1995| Cert: PG | 104mins


This year we bring to you Jumanji as our golden oldie vintage slot. A story about a mysterious and supernatural board game that can transport it’s players to the jungles of Jumanji. The Cutting East programming team voted overwhelmingly for this tale of two cities! Jam packed with riddles and laughs, let yourself be transported into this fantasy adventure film. Starring Robin Williams, Bonnie Hunt and a young Kirsten Dunst.




Mohammad Ali Talebi| IRAN | 1999| Cert: U | 77mins


A school window is broken, and kids can’t concentrate because the rain is getting in. The culprit isn’t allowed back into class until he mends it. So he carries a large pane of glass by hand across the countryside in a gale. The wind blows; but will he crack? In the hands of writer Abbas Kiarostami and director Mohammad Ali Talebi, this simplest of stories becomes an epic quest, poetic and breathtakingly beautiful. It has big-hearted humanism, but Hitchcockian tension too. An edge-of-seat masterpiece.Unmissable.

Followed by a Panel Discussion in collaboration with Cinema of Childhood.






FRED & NICK| UK | 2014| CERT: 15 | 40 MIN |7PM

What do all working young people have in common? PAYDAY. All the hard work hours put in over the the month will be rewarded on this day. So, in this Tale of Two Cities, how do they react to this? For some, it is a day of joy and happiness. Comfortable in the knowledge that the money they have earned will go a long way, they are free to do what they please. For others, however, it is a day that brings short term relief. Their monthly lifeline has come in and now comes the task of trying to use every single penny in the most productive way possible. PAYDAY gives a personal insight into the different ways in which young people from different backgrounds deal with this day. PAYDAY, directed by FRED&NICK and narrated by George the Poet, is a unique performance documentary, which delves into the finances and lives of four twenty-somethings. The film focuses on the contrasting lives of our diverse cast from the moment they receive their ‘payday’ money to how they go on to spend, save or squander it.




Yoav Segal| UK | 2014 | CERT: 15 | 21 MIN | 7PM

Food. Dance. Music and sports. Blend together a passionate young person with these creative mediums and success becomes a reality. ‘Irons in the Fire’ follows five inspirational young people, facing up to struggle as they conquer success. This Film Festival Premiere delivers a powerful story of how five young people, reached their current success through the support of several organisations. Elevated by Idris Elba’s narration and George The Poet’s punchy & enlivening words, the film explores the importance of maintaining your own identity whilst appreciating the opportunities that exist for young people. Ultimately the message of passion combined with communication through creative instruments is most emphasised.

With the film ‘Irons in the Fire’ you can expect a fusion of enthusiasm for creativity, hunger for success, and courage to confront fears amongst all of the characters. Prepare to be inspired, encouraged and energized to find your own success.

With special thanks to Sky Arts and Sky 3D

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